Brazil vs Zimbabwe in Harare.

Brazil will play Zimbabwe on the 2nd of June 2010  in Harare and Tanzania on the 7th, in Dar es salam, as reported by BBC Sports. Read more on this link.

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4 comments on “Brazil vs Zimbabwe in Harare.

  1. Eish ths is n experience for our players. ts good that they have gt such a game. For Brazil ts gud preparation juss a few days before THE VERY WORLD CUP. Why play Zimbabwe of all the Southen African countries? Zim has had a good outing in both club and country over a number of years. It is only of late that the national team has not been doing well against the rest of Africa only managing wins against their neighbours. So Brazil is getting both a stroll in the park and some form of push as well. How i wish it was the DREAM TEAM.Even though that team did not qualify for any tournament, that was the best team we assembled and i do not see any team coming near that one in terms of balance. All the best for our guys. Hopefully they will learn lot.

  2. The Warriors will enjoy the experience and the history making. I am not sure the competitiveness of the game given the Brazilians will not be risking injuries, there are 11 positions to fight for as well. The Dream Team would have surely given the Samba Boys a lesson or two; Madinda, Adam and Peter Ndlovu, Bruce Grobbelaar, Rahman Gumbo, Willard Khumalo, Vitalis Takawira, Norman Mapeza, Francis Shonayi and so on.

    But then Beke, did you check out Paul D’s comment about the game on the earlier article of this match concerning how this development is a rip-off in financial terms for a country that is starving and has to fork out millions, not of Zim dollars but US, do you agree?

  3. bra Tse this is good. not everyone thinks we are useless. we always have been the black sheep but GOD has shown his glory. this is a life time soccer memory for the boys. tha

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