Zimbabwe to play Brazil

Brazil are likely to play Zimbabwe national team, as they prepare for their upteenth apprearance in the World Cup. The Brazilians arrived  in South Africa yesterday, adding to the already mind blowing soccer fever in the first ever World Cup to take place on African soil. Zimbabwean players will be honoured to rub shoulders with the likes of Kaka, Robinho, and Gomes. I will give you updates on the development of this story.

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3 comments on “Zimbabwe to play Brazil

  1. Are we raising Brazil’s piggy bank petty cash account? They initially wanted USD 1,2 million in appearance fee but the fee was negotiated down to an undisclosed fee.The Zim Tourism authority, desperate for creating a good image for Zim as a safe destination endorsed this day-light robbery scheme. I think Africa has to realise we are only playing a 90 min game and these folks are not demi-gods by all means.I can foresee Zim national team players boot kissing the Kaka’s who could never care less to even conduct training clinics to the unprevileged.I dont think Ivory Coast would have played us for a fee so then why Brazil? I wont be political but that much needed money would have benefited some sectors of the economy. SAD MISCALCULATION INDEED.

  2. It develops like a game being organised by a Match Agent, meaning the match is a business with, and under the auspices of, FIFA and both Brazil and Zimbabwe are satisfied. This means ‘this guy’ has to market the game and make enough profit to raise the millions for Brazil and the change of course to the Zimbabweans. Your basic point is very valid though; in this case Zimbabwe is a happy punch bag.

  3. Paul, pardon me. Zim is being taken for a ride indeed. I realised other stakeholders who had to cheap in, like the Tourism Ministry as you said. The assumption is that this is a good business decision they made and they will get the money back. Let’s hope they will come back with financial staements to show the Makokoba and Mbare population how they benefited from this money laundering scheme. Shame bazalwane shame!

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