Why Bafana Bafana Are My Favourites.

Decision time for Parreira

(Pic by AFP)

My Instincts.

I have deadly instincts. Underestimate what I say at your own peril. I trust God Most High.


Bafana Bafana are a South African national team, and South Africa host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. History has it that hosts progress to the 2nd round. From there, winning 4 games in a row can be achieved by anyone. If the Senegalese were hosts in 2002…. If Cameroon were hosts in 1990….. If Nigeria were hosts in 1994…., but South Africa are hosts in 2010. Get it?

Due time.

The time for Africa is here. Thank God, not all teams are going to the final with South Africa. There will be one. I don’t know how they’ ll get there and I don’t care. It is time for African history.


South Africa has hosted the 1995 Rugby World Cup and won it. They hosted the 1996 Africa Nations Cup and won. They are hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup to win it. There is a point to prove.


There is a part of white South African community that has always been sceptical about the ability of the black man to arganise anything, let alone the World Cup. They have been proved wrong. They think winning the thing is just a pipe dream. They will be proved wrong.


The coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has record World Cup appearances. He has won the thing. He’s not a chancer. Players are young and hungry. They have goals to get and and ambitions to fulfil. They have skills to play and the of course, the World Cup to win.


I am a patriot. I trust and love my own. I desire the best for them. There are millions of us and Bafana don’t want to disappoint us.

Madiba Magic.

Nelson Mandela is alive. He has that Magic. He is blessed to inspire people and leaders of the world. Do you truly think he can’t inspire 23 boys? Come on, give the man some respect.

King Lions.

Bafana Bafana are the King Lions. They have Itumeleng Khune as a goalie. There is Aaron Mokoena in defence. MacBeth Sibaya is at anchor. There is Suprise Moriri in attack. This is their spine. Mokoena will be flanked by Siboniso Gaxa and Tshepo Masilela with the famous Mathew Booth for partner. Sibaya has Teko Modise and Stephen Pienaar, while Moriri will be working with Katlego Mpela and Siyabonga Nomvethe and/or Bernard Parker. This is just to give you an idea.


While other teams are fielding 11 players at a time, Bafana will have 12. The crowd will drive them all the way. They will only need to score goals since we will have done the rest.

Home Ground.

They just played at the new Soccer City Stadium and won. They know the grass very well.


There is last and most important factor; uVuvuzela. We will blow our opponents away, literally.Where will you be, come 11 July 2010? Tell me your opinion.

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