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Football coaching is the most fragile profession I know, but you must prepare in your job like you will be there the following day. As a coach you must have a plan. Your programmes must generally cover your contract period. It must have a peak period, and you don’t want to peak early or late.

Say you are contracted for five years (Good luck Coach). You will want to win the champion’s league in your last year. Then you must set goals for each year progressively. It means by 4th year you will have won a championship. The first year of your contract must be a year to build a squad base for your  campaign in 5 years’ time.

You may need talented but inexperienced players who will be mature by then, if you are not fired. You must be shaping your youngsters in the 2nd year, shedding and reloading as you see those with and without qualities you need. The third year will be for reinforcements only. The co-team should be in place. The fourth year is for replacing the injured and those who do not perform or leave.

In football terms, technically, the 1st year you dwell on the physical condition of the team. The 2nd year you do technique training. The 3rd, tactics and the 4th year psychology.

Tactically, the 1st year you will do defensive work, 2nd year midfield work, 3rd year offensive or attacking tactics, and finally 4th year collective team play.

Your annual programme that must be broken into 4 as well. 1st quarter you do physical training, 2nd year, technique, 3rd, tactics and 4th year psychology. Psychology in football, is the state of the mind that puts one player ahead, irregardless of ability. e.g. at the end of the regulation time. a through pass is played and the player who gets there first is usually not the fastest by the one psychologically prepared.

The plan also follows pattern of defence , midfield, attack and team preparation in that order, and like other aspect in cretain percentages of importance. The pattern is a routine for all your programmes from day session, to week schedule, monthly and annual plan.

The reason behind is simple. Build from the foundation, ie physical conditioning and defence, then come to technique training and midfield work, you will have to follow this with tactical training with attacking work. You complete the psychological part with team builiding and team spirit –  giving self belief.

Just for your reference, technique is ball-player relationship; how he passes, receives, heads etc. As often as we speak and here people commending a player’s technique as skill, the later is actually a technique done under pressure. Tactic becomes variable that incoperates player-player relationship; where and how a player positions himself in certain situations. Set plays are also tactics.

People think coaching is to sit and tell peolpe; do this and do that. Haa! Coaches don’t tell, they teach.

At the end of the day, how many coaches see the end of their contract?

Who do you think is better than  Sir Alex Ferguson?

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