What 2010 World Cup Coaches Should Be Doing Now


Argentina's coach Diego Maradona catches a ball during a FIFA World Cup South Africa-2010 qualifier football match against Brazil at the Gigante de Arroyito stadium in Rosario, Santa Fe, on September 5, 2009.
(Pic by Getty Images)
Argentinian Coach, the Ex-Great – Diego Maradona.

With so many injuries and injury concerns, 2010 World Cup coaches start to play cautious in their daily approach to team management.

Keeping Balance.

Much effort is needed to balance work and rest. The sensitive part is trying to time the peak period so you don’t drop fittness levels or burn out. Time will be spent doing recreational games and team building exercises.

Principles of Training.

Principles of progressive loading are being tested and hypercompensation is critical.


Physios are busy attending to a few knocks from league games  and last warm-up games, while the coach must ensure dietians adhere to good carbo-loading for good energy levels. Protein intake is essential and no carbonated drinks and of course, alcohol.

Keeping Focus.

Keeping the team indoors, away from distraction is necessary. Focus can easily be lost and very hard to attain. Psyching players for a big stage like this is so challenging that the whole management team should be in unison.


Ah, I forgot, conjugal rights are not even privileged. Tomorrow I will give the World’s best coach’s programmes for this week, 4 days before kick-off.

Tell me which is your team and what you think your team can do to improve performance.

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