Phillip, is here!

Courtesy of Sindi Mondi

 South Africa can suitably be described as one big party right now, with all the vuvuzelas, drinks and the braai. They will tell you, ‘Fillet, It’s rare’. Come Football Friday, it will one giant football stadium. The FIFA slogan of ‘Feel it, It’s here, has been laced in some deliciously hilarious ways.

This one got me going nuts ‘Phillip is here’. I have had the pleasure of getting a joke from Nqumalo Khumalo on the ‘Lighter Side’ of this blog. It may be something that turns out to be a practicallity on that night.

Whatever you do, and you have got pictures and stories that you want the world to see, please send them to me and all friends on FB and Twitter will get automatic updates as we post them. The updates also get posted on Digg and Stumbleit.

Oh! Abanye bathi “Touch it, It’s here” Eish…

So from me here, ‘Fit it, in here!’

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