Hips don’t Lie, Waka Waka!

250 shakira

An amazing display by an array of local and international stars at Orlando Stadium last night, the focus turns back to the real deal. Like last night, are we going to see the hip jiggling of Shakira and awesome performance from fancy footwork of Chris Brown?

As Bafana take a walk into the park this afternoon’s historic event, they need to remember to do diski the Mzansi way. They should enjoy themselves. They need not look and dwell on any possible setbacks.

There will be about 90 000 people cheering and vuvuzelaring. Billions will be watching on TV and following on-line. That will be the window to display the ‘show me your number’, the ‘tsamaya’ or the ‘shibobo’. One of the reasons I am not coaching Bafana Bafana at the World Cup today is, I would promise to fine any player by looting his appearance fees and winning bonus, if they played the ball without displaying any trickery or dribbling past a Mexican. I woud grade performances by the number of shibobos and tsamayas. The more you do, the richer you get.

Today has become a living proof of the African saying, that, “There is no day that doesn’t come to pass”. The long wait only sounded like a pipe dream. South Africa has already shown the world it is capable of organising the World Cup. It is time for Bafana Bafana to show they can PLAY in the World Cup.

I wish to see Teko, Simphiwe, Letsholonyane and Stephen signing on that ball, fooloing around and displaying to the world some fancy footwork. This is our World Cup, our moment. Go on Bafana and do us proud.


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