South Africa 1-1 Mexico

The early second half was South Africa’s to seal the game. Well organised attacks and tighter at the back until the 70th minute when complacency crept in. The misses by Teko Modise reminded the Mexicans that the game was not over.

That early goal by Simphiwe Tshabalala came from a neat build-up we know Bafana can deliver. Swift and precise passing with a clinical finish. Hopefully it will be something to take to the next game. The stage was overwhelming, but I think the boys stood up to the challenge.

An ill-timed off-side trap became the African gesture of ‘ubuntu’ and Bafana paid for it. The game could have taken better turns if Katlego Mpela finished well. The referee did not help either as I really think Modise failed to make clean contact with the ball due a push. In such circumstances the referee should always give benefit of the doubt to the attacker.

With a game later tonight, I hope a 0-0 draw ensures to even the ground. You may argue that one has to lose so as to eliminate the other. France and Paraguay will be as tough opponents because of their non-European approach which is similar to ours.

I am a little bit disappointed by performance but happy with the point. When any game starts, you have a point in your pocket. If it ends and you still have it well done. As the tournament progresses, Bafana can only get stronger. An outright win would see them grow wings.

I will be content with the pride they gave Africa.

Alluta continua.

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