If You Don’t like VUVU, Go Home!

Italy’s 1-1 draw with Paraguay has the world wondering. Are the world champions worth their salt?. It is Cameroon’s failure to dispatch Japan, losing 1-0, that is disheartening to me. The African brothers, as I have said, seem to depend on luck. It doesn’t work. We all know that the wounded Indomitable Lions will turn up extremely dangerous next time.

This is not to say, unlike Nigeria, they should not have won. Japan is a light-weight. They should have dispatched these Asians with ease. The Japanese knew their story though, when they asked to play that bizarre ‘3 halves ‘ match with Cote’ de Voire in which Didier Drogba was injured. They did a good homework.

The big story is the Italians though, because if they fail to rise a gear up, that’s it. As an experienced aging team, they needed to make that count. I just hope they go home early. Football is tired of being played by social clubs at world cups. Germans came up right with a youthful side. As much as I don’t like them, they are on a mission.

As for Slovenia, I think they don’t have what it takes to stay on that level. They won’t stand the heat. Algeria look suspicious as well. They look bribed. They come to blame the ball when their goalie goes for the ball like he is diving into a swimming pool. Green of England didn’t have his body behind the straight coming slow ball. ” The pitch this, Jabulani that”.

With the prophets of doom still talking about banning the vuvuzela, they must just stop making a lot of noise and enjoy ‘myVUVU’ quietly. FIFA knew about this football instrument in 2002 when South Africa wanted to host 2006 World Cup. They were here during all the preparation games till today. To South Africa, football is DISKI, VUVUZELA and MAKARAPA. Ongafuniyo kayekele (if you can’t stand the vuvuzela, go home). The day they want to change the South African football culture is the day they will host the World Cup elsewhere. Otherwise silala la( we and the vuvuzela are going nowhere).

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