Chile vs Honduras: 1-0 Analysis.

What a crazy match. These two South American sides put up a spirited pacey performance of strong running and quick passing football. Chile looked dangerous the entire 90 minutes. There is no substitute for increasing speed in attack, getting to wide positions and crossing.

Chile started their attacks with wing defenders pushing as far ahead as possible. The central defence personnel also thrust forward, allowing the midfielders to be very offensive and strikers to penetrate without a break. Honduras were forced to play 1-9-1 formation. Tottenham Spurs’ Palacios was made to look so ordinary.

Inside the penalty box, the interplay was so intrinsic and so effective and they could have scored more goals. Players trusted each other with the ball, giving support by running ahead and wide. This way, Honduras failed to cope as they were backtracking all the way.

Honduras was mesmeried by the supersonic speed of Chile that I can even rate them at all. This was a performance of the tournament contender by Chile, don’t you agree?

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