Spain/Switzerland and Honduras/Chile

Spain vs Switzerland and Honduras vs Chile complete the beginning of the first round matches at this  World Cup this afternoon. It will be a conclusion of nervy starts even by football giant standards.

Except for Germany who went direct for the crouch, the rest were content will endless romance. Brazil, South Korea, The Netherlands, Ghana, Slovenia and Japan dwelt longer on the bosom, only threatening lower action. Well maybe as a coach, 3 points is 3 points, period.

As Spain conclude that set of matches, they are seen by many as the real deal. If you are basing your ratings because of the exploits of players in the La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, the English Premiership or indeed Barcelona, you may need a doctor this afternoon. That form book is irrelevant here.

Spain have Torres, Iniesta, Xavi, Cascilas and Villa among a talented line up from Barcelona and Real Madrid.

We have been saturated with blanks of the Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Drogba, bla bla bla, all flattering to deceive. Good diski without goals count for nothing here. We need both, and only Germans were unselfish enough to dish it out.

I have very high standards coaching, but I try to be generous if I am not involved. So far, underdogs have risen to occasion. This goes to the both Korean teams, Ivory Coast and Bafana Bafana.  Argentina, for their status, a performance like that doesn’t count.

As for Bafana, nobody gave them a chance at all. They met the challenge, though below par by their standards. Mexicans had to summon the sympathy of the referee not to give a penalty, and the services of a post that came in the path of Katlego Mpela’s tap-in shot.

Today is when Super Diski comes home. Uruguay are a lamb coming to the slaughter pole. Tomorrow is Braai Day.

Can you predict the score for Bafana Bafana tonight?

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