Argentina, Korea, Mexico and France.


Argentina, 1-0 victors over Nigeria last week,  put up a scintillating display against a spirited South Korea, who were themselves 2-0 conquerers over Greece. Hinguin got a hat trick that had Coach Diego Armando Maradona dancing. Once more, Tevez and Messi threatened forging forward, but found the goalkeeper solid. 

South Korea.

The South Koreans were so tenacious that, even at 3-1, they looked in it. They fought with their hearts and minds. They controlled the ball well and were very dangerous with their attacks. Argentina 4, South Korea 1.


Nigeria came into with a chance to give Africans pride. They faced the Greeks who were thumped 2-0 by South Korea. The Africans took an early lead through a free kick.  Loss of professionalism saw Nigeria reduced to 10 men. Given it was 10 v 11, Nigeria’s SuperEagles gave a good account of themselves. Nigerian goalkeeper, Enyiemba, played a big role shutting Greece out on numerous occasions. Africans fate was sealed. They are going home.


The Greeks took full advantage, keeping Nigeria on the back foot. The Greeks increased the tempo of their game to amazing levels. The Greeks kept baying for the Africans’ blood, scoring a rebound. They deservedly came out with a 2-1 win.


Mexic0 are threatening strongly from the left side by they need to be decisive in providing the final ball. Penetration through centre resulted in Hernandez beating the off-side trap, rounding the goalkeeper before tapping in.


France put a pathetic performance losing 0-2 to Mexico, and their game against Bafana will be just a dead rubber, after sealing the hosts’ fate. With their big names they will be going home. Mathematically, Bafana need to beat them 4-0 or higher minimum, if Uruguay beat Mexico 1-0, in the final first round games.

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