Post-Mortem of Bafana 0 – Uruguay 3.

Uruguay gave a better performance than they did against France. South Africa’s Bafana Bafana performed worse than their below par performance in their opener with Mexico at Soccer City last Friday.

In both of Bafana’s games, they did not even get to where we have known to play poorly. That’s the hurting part. Take Mexico and Uruguay out, Bafana did not do 40% of the things they were supposed to do. Half of that 40% they did, was totally wrong.

The start of the game had them control the game for a minute, though the referee did kill their spirit. In football, do simple things right; passing, receiving the ball, closing down an opponent and getting into space.

The line-up was faulty to start with. In my LETTER TO BAFANA, Pienaar and Teko were supposed to miss the boat as they are half defensive and half offensive. They should have been replaced by a solid defensive linkman like Macbeth Sibaya and an offensive attacker, Surprise Moriri.

With Sibaya in there, he advances when the enemy comes, and you can do away with Dikgacoi, leaving Letsholonyane to surge back and forth. That guy is a workhorse.

The problems were compounded by the return at half time by Pienaar and Modise. The coach went on to replace Letsholonyane. Dikgacoi had a yellow card already. This means he was careful in all combative situations. He could not commit risking another yellow, and at that rate, it was coming. He would miss the next match anyway. So the coach needed to be preparing for the next game by bring in a new player.

Tactically, the game was lost by the general football behaviour in midfield. No one confronted the Uruguayan when they approached. No one closed the spaces to defend. The South Americans confronted Bafana with speed and gusto as soon as Bafana were on the ball. So many times I saw Bafana players standing planted to the ground when under siege.

Diego Forlan ran all over the pitch enjoying himself. No body knew where he was at any given time. He had so much time to collect the ball move and shoot. He could have done more damage, were it not for his blessed sympathy. He had Aaron Mokoena showing him his number several times.

There was an obvious deficit of crosses in the box, Mpela ended up coming down to fetch the ball. A cross or two that came in found one guy against six Uruguay players. After the red card to Khune, Gaxa and Masilela decided to do what we know they can. They sent in about two crosses each, and suddenly there were four Bafana players in the box. Where were they all along?

We are at desperation point number last, as I call it: Depending on luck, praying Mexico draw all their games. It means they will end up with 3 points and Uruguay with 5. France will have 2 because we will beat them, God willing.

At the end of the day, you can rest assured that Uruguay read my letter to Bafana.

 From were you are, what did you see?

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5 comments on “Post-Mortem of Bafana 0 – Uruguay 3.

  1. I told you Ndex about Modise and you said i was too hush. If i was coaching Bafana, he was not going to play, simple as all that. No personal feelings only business. As for Steven he let South Africa down , Everton is a battling side but the young man comes to Mzansi, his home, and starts being a mama’s boy. He has no guts to take own opponents like he does in England, does not tackle the way we know he does , what a let down.

    • I can’t believe that performance. I watch these week in week out. I think I tend to overlook and over rate them. You were correct. I think the South African league is over-rated. The collective behaviour of the boys was unbelievably pathetic. I am one person who would not care much about the result if the performance was upto scratch. They played when they were a man down. They owe the Africans an apology. I feel betrayed, cheated.

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  3. Ndex you are right, but I still feel Bafana Bafana did not lose the game today. They lost the games years back when players like the Masingas’ Williams’ Toveys’ and Bartlets retired from the game. I could not believe that Bafana Bafana could have players smaller than Japan. It is the same as Cameroon there is nor balance in the teams anymore.

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