England Labouring Against Algeria

England started with David James, who should started in goals last week, playing a 1-4-4-2. They soon found themselves  in sixes and sevens as Algeria relentlessly attacked them. Wayne Rooney and Emile Heskey played in tandem, with Heskey playing behind Rooney.

Algeria employed a 1-5-3-2, wing defenders pushing into midfield to give a 1-3-5-2. They starting off well, pressuring the English defence to the maximum. They delivered crosses left and right, testing David James several times and stretching the Europeans’ defence. The Africans defence was resolute and the  solid midfield was packed and efficient.

The English ended the game stronger after Shaun Wright-Phillips replaced Aaron Lennon and Jermaine Defoe came in for Emile Heskey. They kept trying to come through the centre but passing too long balls for Rooney to chase. Rooney’s frustration was obvious as he was denied any access to Jabulani.

A very valuable point for Africans.

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