Cameroon Give Denmark Easy Victory.

Denmark beat Cameroon 2-1 in a game that the Africans dominated. Like other African teams, South Africa and Nigeria, they need miracles to book the last 16 slots. Usually that would be juju.

Cameroon settled very well early on in the game. They scored with good goal by Samuel Eto’o to cool their nerves. Anticipated and intercepted the ball well.Their rear left remained opened as they surged forward.

Denmark got more confident as the match went on, being quick off the mark getting to the ball first. Their swift take off started to trouble the Cameroon defence and they pressurised the Africans seeking an equaliser which came from Nicklaus Bendtner.

Cameroon were exposed twice on the left flank and were caught for pace. There was general poor defensive work by Cameroon. Geremi Ntjap played first time crosses that were mistimed by Eto’o. Alex Song literally put his body on the wall denying the Danish a clear goal scoring opportunity. Cameroon missed 2 gilt edged chances before half time, hitting the upright post with the keeper well beaten.

The Danish played with 2 very wide players going forward, catching Cameroon on the break several times. 

After the break, the Danish keeper pushed the ball to shave the cross bar from a mishit header. Aese Ekoto was brought down in the 48th minute by the referee was in no mood to give Africans penalties.

Denmark scored against the run of play, teaching wasteful Cameroon efficiency lessons. With 50% conversion rate could have reached rugby scoreline of double digits. Cameroon were better off sitting out and taking as the Danes were conducting their attacking training session.

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