2010 FIFA World Cup: The Biggest Losers So Far.

Steven Pienaar of Everton came to the tournament amid much praise and expectation to deliver in front of the home ground. Aaron Mokoena also came from relegated Portsmouth of England having played in the final of the FA Cup against Chelsea. Both showed the signs of burn out. 

Wayne Rooney is the FA Player of The Year among a long list of accolades. The Manchester United superstar has toiled 180 minutes of World Cup action without producing anything. Much was expected from his Premiership scoring prowess. There is only 90 minutes left for him to translate his club form to country. It may be his last 90 minutes of the World Cup against Slovenia.

 Thierry Henry was expected to be here to play. The coach, Raymond Dominic seems to enjoy his company that he can’t let him off the bench. Nicholas Anelka is a reported to have uttered words your mother and mine taught us not to say to anyone, to his coach. It is reported he may go home sooner than everybody. I wonder if the lingo is a Standford standard.

Kaka, by my own standards, so over rated, has proved just that so far. The big money earning Brazilian of Real Madrid moved to Spain from Italy’s AC Milan for gazillions. Madrid are still to see their huge investment’s wisdom in the injury prone attacking midfielder. His Madrid team-mate, Portuguese Christiano Ronaldo has also flattered to deceive with a less than convincing display. The best he has done so far, is to stamp the cross-bar with Jabulani. 

German Klose tops the list of losers, coming as a high-profile player for the World Cup favourites, is the moomish of the tournament after receiving a red card in a match Germany lost 0-1 to World Cup novices, Serbia.

Who is in your list of losers thus far?

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