2010 FIFA World Cup: What African Soccer Needs Now.

The problems of African football is corrupt administrators who believe in expatriate coaches. Are foreign coaches any good? Coaches from abroad are good for their nations and that is why their nations do good. Most of these losers at this World Cup will be recycled by the stupid African associations that don’t know anything about football. To cover their ignorance and incompetence, African associations and clubs, go on to employ popular ex players without any coaching know how or qualification. This is to remain popular with fans while squandering the money.

African coaches across the continent must start to work together to take our football back. We are tired of being unemployed while incompetent expats drain the monies from the poor countries. As African coaches we are usually from a poor background looking for any kind of money to make ends meet. We get exploited easily. National Coaches Associations sometimes get castrated by the big bosses who are politically connected and corrupted. It is high time this stopped.

The continent must unite to have teams get as many local or African coaches for African teams and clubs. Look at Algeria and Egypt. They have local coaches. South Africa achieved their highest accolades with a local coach Clive Barker, winning Africa Cup of Nations in 1996. Zimbabwe reached their maiden AFCON under a local coach in 2004. Any success by African team or country came from local coaches, and they earned peanuts doing that job. African coaches should be given proper contracts with good salaries.

An African coach earning good money feels good about himself and gets the respect of players. If the players realise the administration is toying around with the coach, he loses respect. It is high time we respected local coaches and gave them the opportunities and support they need. I belive, as you can see in Michael Essien, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o and even players of old like Jay Jay Okocha, George Weya, Abedi Pele, Bruce Grobelaar and Peter Ndlovu, there is the equivalent in coaches. Coaches have not been given the platform. We have better “Special Ones”, “Sir Alex Fergusons” and “Arsene Wengers” in Africa. FIFA for its part, gives African referees the chance because they see they are able. Juju does not win games.

Africa open your eyes and stop this self colonisation. Away with these mercenaries. Away with them.

Are we not better off paying ourselves lots of money and fail than export our cash for heartache? Wake up Africa.

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4 comments on “2010 FIFA World Cup: What African Soccer Needs Now.

  1. Well I am doing some thing I never thought I would do……read a football blog! I am an American that has really enjoyed watching the matches. You know we play a little different type of “football” over here, but I am really getting into this stuff. Keep up the good work Tse and congragulations to you and your country on a great World Cup.

    I just need one favor………maybe some better refs!

    Mark Easley
    Grand Saline, Texas
    United States of America

    • Thanks a lot. It’s good to hear you watch and enjoy the World Cup football, soccer in your case. I truly hope the USA progress well in the tourney as far ahead as possible so the game can gain more popularity.

      As for my South Africa, we got overwhelmed by the occasion and froze on the big stage. We have a bone to chew with France tomorrow and we may be in this cup for a little longer.

      All the best dude.

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