African Teams at 2010 World Cup.

South Africa may set a record as the first host of a FIFA World Cup not to proceed to the next round of 16. This is despite a good World Cup winning coach, two training camps in Brazil and Germany, the presence of English Premiership players – Steven Pienaar, Aaron Mokoena and Kagiso Dikgacoi. Rumours of agents interfering with team selection for the benefit of their players are abound. The Parreira I know may not take that. It may be one of the biggest scandals World Cup football has ever seen. Bafumblers Bafumblers are almost out.

They need a miracle of the performance of either Uruguay or Mexico. They need another to clobber France really good, after drawing 1-1 with Mexico and losing to Uruguay 0-3 in the earlier games. I will not do the permutations and combinations.

Nigeria lost both their opening games to Messi’s Argentina 0-1.  The Super Eagles were rated highly but fell to the sword of the Greeks 1-2. Like South Africa, they had players sent off. Nigeria need a bigger miracle. What makes it a little better, is that their performances were a little above par. For a team that almost reached the quarter finals at USA ’94 having led Italy for the entire 90 minutes, it’s a big shame. They are almost out.

Cameroon came roaring with confidence. The Blue Samurai swords slit the throat of the Indomitable Lions open. Samuel Eto’o’s Cameroon held a lot of African hopes, even after a fluke like 0-1 loss to Japan. With a game they seemingly controlled, the Indomitable Lions gave Denmark easy victory in a game they could scored an avalanche of goals. Do they need a miracle? Bigger one than Nigeria. They are almost out.

We are now banking on a youthful Ghana team, the Ivory Coast and Algeria, who have the only African coach, to represent us, and hope they do a good job of it. God bless Africa.

Where to from here African teams? What went wrong on home soil? What happened to home advantage?

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