2010 FIFA World Cup Record.

Portugal came up with a performance that erases a record Africa held in a World Cup for the best beat team. They blasted 7 goals past Korea DPR without reply. Zaire fortunately does not exist anymore. So Africa is clean now; no more 9-0 record beating in a World Cup. 

At this point of the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, we are certain of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and The Netherlands being with us a little longer. All else are not guaranteed. It is likely we will be having these teams come 10th July 2010.

There has been a few pretenders like Germany who came with a big but cold flame when they hammered Australia 4-0 and Spain, who came with a reputation of never having lost a game in 20 or so outings and the fame of their aging Barcelona contingent.

Italy came with their boring ultra defensive style that made them champions by default the last World Cup, France with their amorous troops accused of under age sex with prostitutes and with tongues that can not be contained in their mouths as evidenced by Nicholas Anelka’s insults to the coach. He threw his soccer boots at the coach, telling him to go and play ‘you son of a whore’. I will be trying to find Mrs Dominic Snr. to verify these facts. 

There is the adulterous English who are known for their wife cheating skills than football. They have a more famous club of cheated wives and girl friends (cWAGS). The good thing about the cWAGS is their sharpened shopping skills that will enrich South Africa for sure.

As the first round of this World Cup Concludes this week, let us not take away anything from Portugal for their prowess, given the Koreans put maximum effort. We may be in for further records yet.

For now, obrigado Portugal.

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