Brazil Have This Thing In The Bag

This Brazil team is devastating. They are coached by a very defensive minded former defensive linkman the South Americans have ever known. He was chosen by coach Carlos Alberto Parreira for the USA ’94 FIFA World Cup amid a furore of discontent and anger because his approach was unBrazilian. He was defended by Parreira to the end. He became the reason Brazil won a cup that had eluded the football crazy nation for the previous 24 years.

Today, Dunga is the Head Coach of Brazil. The same criticism Parreira faced to glory is haunting him. He left out the magical Ronaldinho out of his World Cup team. Brazil were dismissed as an ultra defensive unit without much flair, except for Robinho.

The Samba Boys have played two games so far. The first against a tenacious Korea DPR, was a narrow 2-1 victory, in which the Koreans were unlucky not to draw. The Kings Of Soccer were complacent in that game and were caught with their pants down. In that slender margin victory, Brazil was very organised and quick in defence, as anyone would expect. They showed they will not give away much. Their offence was lacklustre. 

The next Brazilian game was against a powerful and robust Elephants of Ivory Coast. Their mind-set was a gear up. Their defence never gave away much either. The central midfield was key, as they kept the Africans’ attack restricted to the middle third of the pitch, Gilberto playing a pivotal role. They well defended outside their penalty area for the majority of the time.

The key and probably the message came very loud and clear when they increased the pace of attack and went forward, with Robinho, Kaka and Fabiano, who has deadly efficiency. These guys are on a mission. They are here to take the World Cup trophy home, come 11 July 2010.

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