Ghana 0, Germany 1; Australia 2, Serbia 1.

Ghana made Africa proud by qualifying for the next round of 16 despite the loss to Germany 1-0.

Germany controlled the game at the beginning but later faded. Ghana created genuine chances from counter attacks that the Germans dealt with well. The Europeans, who are known for their discipline and tactical awareness created openings in the centre of the Africans’ defence. They had a one on one with the goalkeeper who saved well.

Ghana, with their genuine physicality could have scored early when they developed cold feet in the box.  In an entertaining and action packed match played by the Boateng half brothers,  on opposite sides, the referee let play flow and players express themselves.

The second half began with Ghana being ultra defensive. The Black Stars missed a one versus one with the goalkeeper, and were punished for the negative approach and the miss when Germany scored in the 60th minute by Mezattuzil. 

Ghana have Australia to thank after the Socceroos beat Serbia 2-1.  Australia started the World Cup poorly when the crumbled to Germany in their first game, last week but picked up momentum to late to stay in it.

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