2010 WC: Why Korea May Be Here Long Time.

This South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup gave the impression as a party for underdogs. This is with good reason. Japan beating Cameroon, New Zealand’s draw with Slovakia and Italy, Switzerland beating Spain among many. Is normalcy returning to the game?

Korea DPR performance against Brazil just can’t get out of my head. The pint-sized lot can run. They have hearts of lions. At any given attack, 3 to 5 players were sprinting for a bite to thwart the attack. Their speed of approach when defending was so committed and purposeful. They were like hyenas baying for blood. What else can a Coach ask for?

These guys gave it their all and I think they deserved better. Given that they played Brazil, a 0-0 result at half time was an achievement. They restricted the most feared record World Cup winning team, reducing them to a very ordinary side.

South Korea for their part, beat Greece playing flowing and excellent football. They lost 4-1 to Argentina and came back to get the much-needed 2-2 draw with Nigeria to advance.

Asians are very emotional and passionate. They can give their all and can tumble like a deck of cards like KDPR did against Portugal losing 0-7. If they could score and almost steal a win from Brazil, you can be rest assured, they think they have a say as to where the resting place of the 6.2 kilos of solid gold will be after July 11, 2010.

The Asians’ technique has been superb evidenced by exquisite ball control and passing. Tactically, they have occupied the right spaces, closed down the correct areas and kept compact enough, scoring  goals better than Africans.

Korea Republic are in the next round of 16. With a little luck, Korea DPR could have performed much better against Portugal. They meet Ivory Coast tomorrow and they fancy their chances.

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