Tears For Africa.


After watching a fantastic game of football at the Mpumalanga capital of Nelspruit’s Mbombela Stadium, I found myself doing something, usually unAfrican, for Africa. I shed a tear. African men must not show emotion in public. It is usually a sign of weakness.

Ivory Coast played a very good brand of football to beat Korea DPR 3-0. It could have been more had the Ivorians were more accurate. The referee disallowed a few. All chances converted, that would not have mattered. Brazil and Portugal drew their match, which meant both qualified for the next round. That is not why I cried.

Ivory Coast were the 4th African team to leave the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. They become the continent’s co-best performers, save for Ghana.

The African teams leave 15 foreign teams in a tournament in which home advantage was supposed to be motivational to push them far. It wasn’t going to be. The continent having some waiting to do; 4 years for another World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. It may need another African nation to host another World Cup to have the same edge.

Ghana is represented Africa well, and hope they go all the way. They need to be composed in front of goal. 

Where to Africa? What is the problem? Why? Why? Why? It is time that the continent does soul-searching. CAF must stop its corruption. Teams must be drawn fairly and qualify on merit.

I have watched two matches in 2 different cities. I am very proud of South Africans. The energy and patience they put in dealing with myriads of people of different temperaments. They were all diligent, committed and polite.

The security was superb. Police visibility was high, the B-cars, those on horseback, foot patrols and the choppers overhead.

Few people came here with so much concern over security, accommodation and transport. This organisation could not have been better, no matter where in the world. This is the positive I take from this unforgettable experience.

The best is still to come , but still Thank You Africa.

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