Bye Bye Korea Republic: Korea 1, Uruguay 2.

Korea Republic, and indeed Korea DPR, won my admiration of things I call total football. I had wished they stayed here longer for the good of the game.

The Asian lot just do textbook football and I can tell you, they must be good to coach though through hard work. They ran and covered so much distance and space. They marked and tracked their opponents well.

In the game against Uruguay, they fell to a school boy mistake I saw experienced sides like England and Italy fall to. The defenders stood in closed position stunts when the ball was at the wings. There is no way a defender should give his back to the attacker. Coaches use the phrase ” see the ball, see the man”. Under attack, this you must do.

All 4 Korean defenders lined like a properly trained army at attention. The goalkeeper was supposed to see the attacker on the blind side and call for a marker to watch him. They suffered for their loss of concentration.

I will always admire their team spirit and committment for the game. We share the same passion for the thing. They played differently. There was no physicality in their game, just slick skill and technique. They still believed in their abilities at 2-1 down and 2 minutes to go.

It is something I think they took from hosting the 2002 FIFA World Cup. South Africa should be trying to see their development programme. I hope someone from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Zimbabwe was taking notes too.

At the end of the tournament, we will compile all data to make our own technical reports. FIFA have their technical team that do it. I will do it and hope I get your input as we go.

Congratulations at Korea despite the loss.

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