Football Players’ Agent.

I wanted to be a FIFA football agent but suddenly, the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, is inducing some indecision due to lack of performance by African teams. I wonder if wanting to be coach, again, makes any better sense. One thing for sure I am incensed.

FIFA cannot get one to do both. I am required to apply for a license as an agent through a Football Association for which I have been a resident of its territory for over 2 years. There are examination to be taken, huge insurances or bank guarantees to acquire and then, I will be a proud holder of “Players’ Agent Licenced by the Football Association of (country)”. There is nothing like a FIFA Agent.

Otherwise I need to be a parent or spouse of players I represent or a lawyer by qualification but still meet some other criteria. All issues arising from this operation are not under the jurisdiction of FIFA.

There is a Professional Code Of Conduct to comply with. Part of it says I may only represent one party at a time, i.e either a player or a club. In case I represent a player, there should be a percentage agreement for my cut based on the basic gross income including signing on fees. This can be paid as a lump sum or in instalments. In case a club asks to look for a player for them, then there should be a figure.

There must be a contract between the agent and a player/club which must state who is responsible for my salary as an agent, and the payment terms. Minors’ parents signature must be on this document.

The Association that gives me the license monitors my activities and reports to FIFA every 6 months. Any misconduct may lead to the loss of the license. Normally, it expires after 5 years, and can be re-acquired after passing the examination.

I am somehow not convinced this can be my life style. After all, I need to make sure my negative bank balance can translate to a million American dollars bank guarantee.

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