Argentina and Mexico, An Epic Duel.

Argentina come into this fixture with a very good reputation, having scored 7 goals in the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup and gave away just 1.

Diego Maradona’s team has lived under the shadow of Brazil for so long. Their qualification was such a rough ride. They seem to have found their feet and are calling the shots in this World Cup.

Lionel Messi has shone, but not to the levels the world knows. While he is yet to score, he has been getting sharper and sharper. He is expected to blossom as Argentina progress. With Hinguin hitting a rich vein of form, he has no pressure to score, hence will enjoy his game more. They combine well will Manchester City talisman, Carlos Tevez.

Argentina last tested success in Mexico in 1986. When the 2 teams meet, Mexico will be feeling robbed at the event they hosted and they fancied their chances. Will this be pay back time?

Mexico struggled in their qualification rounds, firing Sven Erickson, who recently got USD 3 million from Ivory Coast for a failed mission in this World Cup. They are a young talented side that can be vulnerable under siege.

With Arsenal’s Carlos Vela, Santos and Hernandez they have not been that prolific. They scored thrice against two. They played tough matches against host, South Africa and fellow South Americans, Uruguay. Mexico faces and beat 1998 World Champions and 2006 Runners Up, France.

It will be a tough game that Argentina will win without any doubt.

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