CAF and FIFA Rot.

The pathetic football of this South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup is tempting me to take up coaching again. I could have coached a lot of teams in a far better way. FIFA and CAF are rotten, but I am not that ambitious to take Sepp Blatter’s seat yet. Issa Hayatou’s position seems to be a big political blackmail.

I will be putting my CV to all national teams and clubs soon. I want just USD 30 000-00 a month. Not bad considering Jose Mourinho will earn USD 10 million over 4 years, Sven Goran Erickson got USD 3 million for his 4 months with the Elephants of Cote D’ Voire and Carlos Parreira was at USD 250 000-00 per month for the Bafana Bafana job.

African football administrators must be willing to be serious. Usually these are every day people who are brothers, sisters and friends. They have the opportunity to take positions of authority but do not know anything about football. The advantage here is that me and you down here, are just as clueless, and we keep this guy there for life. Knowledge of administration without a clue of the game is dangerous. Usually, one who wins arguments in a pub gets the position. Football is not fallacy.

Before anyone can be a football administrator, interact a lot with football coaches, referees and even senior administrators. Senior administrators will usually give you a good idea of things not to do because they know nothing themselves. Forget what you read on newspapers and what TV and Radio commentators say. There are a few knowledgeable ones. The majority are not clued either. Often, I hear people tell me “but the commentator said bla bla bla and that newspaper reported this and that”. Few know, the majority don’t. The game can not be run that way.

First, we need to understand the rules and regulations and Statutes of FIFA, the Laws of the Game and more importantly, the laws of contract. Usually, local rules and regulations are related to FIFA rules, only modified for the suitability of the territory’s judiciary laws. This is meant to cancel out conflict of interests between football and national governance. Football must be able to run without infringing the constitutional rights of the territory and its citizens.

Africans have been misled and therefore misleading to fellow Africans for a very long time, that football is a game. It is not. It is a very huge industry, a complex business, a genuine and rewarding profession. It pays well. If you do not have money to run a club or the association, jump out. You don’t know what you are doing. Open up space for someone who can, and will.

There has been excuses that Africa has no money. It has. You guys are thieves. You are stealing the money we should be earning. If you want to steal money, it has to be there. Pay us very well at first. We will do a good job and more money will flow in. Then you can steal the money while we get paid well. Who will complain? You cannot start stealing before doing anything, without a money spinning machinery in place. That is stupid. Lay the ground work for your greed, and you will be in that stealing position longer.

African companies and businesses must sponsor football. We have talent that comes and goes because we do not acknowledge and nurture our youths. The French national team that won the FIFA 1998 World Cup, the Euro 2000 and youth World Cups were basically well-financed Africans. Ghana are proving that development has no substitute in this World Cup.  

The current set up in Africa is irregular. The South African league has a good sponsorship compared to elsewhere on the continent. The North African Arabs also have good oil funds to run the game, as you can see Egyptians who ply their football trade locally and are 6 time Africa Champions, thrice in a row. Everyone in between can not run a league for lack of sponsorship. Leagues must be strong yes, but there must be balance. You can see how pathetic South Africans look when they play in the Africa Champions League. There is no competition for them and they are complacent. Their neighbours are not sponsored, the football standards fall and there is not much competition as a result.

Africa must attend to players while still young. The huge sponsorships in South Africa do not trickle down to the youth development. There is no youth league. Where there is a youth team, the committment is minimal. How do you expect things to be well? Where do teams draw players from? That is why they go to Zimbabwe and Malawi. Zimbabwe have good structures but no money. Zambians have the talent and need the money as well. The strength of South African teams will come form the strength of their neighbouring countries’ leagues. They should pour money in to lift the neighbours’ football, hence themselves.

Academies that national associations try to run under the FIFA Goal Projects or Win With Africa For Africa are but a barren attempt that should be abandoned, a first class case of a Mafia. FIFA are having a legal bribery project to keep themselves in power. No one becomes accountable for the failure of these projects. They do not have success at all. FIFA must give money to individuals to run academies as businesses. It is easy to monitor the success and failure of people on specifics at any time. FIFA is a big international body. The people who run it are persons like you and me. They have been placed in those positions by my (or lack of my) vote and your (or lack of your) vote. Me and you can get voted there too. We must be aware and be intelligent. We must be knowledgeable.

FIFA and CAF are busy building fences and hedges around themselves and we are happy with it. They will rig everything and me and you will only cry on Facebook and Twitter. Their lives go on. Do you know who FIFA is, CAF, CONCACAF? An ordinary citizen you are, get to FIFA .com and read the FIFA documents. Google CAF documents and be educated. Get to football forums and equip yourself. Tell people what you know about football and do the game. Submit your name for elections at your club and run that club. You will elevate your status to the national association and eventually FIFA.

How long will Africa be screwed by other Confederations and FIFA? We can not survive on hand outs that do not guarantee success, that keep us go begging at FIFA and yet we see no development. Rise Africa, rise.

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