Germany Blast England 4-1.

Germany took England to the cleaners with a scintillating and clinical performance. England started with a 1-4-1-4-1, Rooney playing behind Defoe operating as tandem strikers. Germany had a 1-4-4-1-1, Klose leading the attack. Gerrard played well on the left and Milner on the right.

In a game in which the over rated Wayne Rooney was invisible, Germany were better in the opening 18 minutes, creating a handful of chances. Klose fired the Germans into the lead in the 20th minute after beating Mathew Upson and John Terry to a route one ball from the goalkeeper.

In a boring start of the match, Klose nearly added another 12 minutes later, but David James had his angles right and blocked the ball with his feet. Lucas Podolski was not to be denied from an acute angle 2 minutes later being set up by Muller.

The match got lively as Frank Lampard had a chance saved and the ball cleared off the line. Upson drew one back from a beautiful header in the 37th minute. Lampard’s attempt that beat the goalkeeper and crossed the line, and could have been an English equaliser, was adjudged not a goal by the referee.  

The English started the second half looking to penetrate the Germans by probing the centre through Rooney and Defoe. They exploited spaces on the wings and brought in crosses. Gerrard started showing desperation mode as he frequently shot from long-range.

Germany started teaching the English a few free lessons about how to build from the back and counter attacking. The game was over as a contest when Muller scored twice in the 68th and 71st minutes after some of the swift counter attacks from a badly defending England. They will surely blame the referee for the goal that never was.

The English Italian coach, Fabio Capello will face the music from the English fans and media for leaving out Theo Walcott from the team. He will have to answer for sitting out Aaron Lennon and Shaun Wright-Phillips on the bench.

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4 comments on “Germany Blast England 4-1.

  1. What a shame to the Queen’s boys. Imagine being so embarassed in the same yard of those you colonised. I feel for them. Now the tune of what the English journos write will change. They had no hope that we could do it without their interference. We DID it! They felt it, they were here! Bafana soon will show dem too. All in the name of beautiful game, football! We thank them too for engineering such a beautiful game. Aluta!

  2. It was an enterprising piece of skill that the Germans displayed. They are a youthful team with a lot of energy. Usually, you would expect them to be as boring as England depending on route one football. If you remember, my first article about their crushing down of Australia, I gave them a 5/5.

    England has some home-work to do. They need to eat a humble pie and get Harry Redknapp to coach the squad. They need an English coach, and now.

    The EPL needs to ‘nationalise’ to some extent, but who am I? Congrats to the Germans though they will be playing their last match soon too.

    • Thank you Chris. I appreciate you following the blog and your compliments. Germany were a better team on the day, but we must remember that the’goal’ turned the game on its head and supped the little energy and fighting spirit the English may have had.

      Aregentina were the beneficiary of another controversy in a later match with Mexico. It’s a shame.

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