Germany Will Beat England Easily.

England will surely be no match for the Germany machine. This is not because of my love for the Germany machines. It is a fact.

Forget the history of 1966 FIFA World Cup, any Euro Championship or the fact that the Queen’s children were once the masters of South Africa or its surrounding countries, they are just bad.

England have the most complete squad in the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. They scored only two goals so far. They can not score more than once in a game.

England have conceded a single goal. They drew with a weak USA team, a nation of baseballers and basketballers , people who play football with hands. The could not beat Algeria, eish.

England have a pretender to the throne of World Footballer Of The Year. Wayne Rooney is overrated on the world stage. This is not Manchester United against Portsmouth.

Steven Gerrard had the worst season by his standard ever as an individual and as Liverpool. He captains a bunch of jealous and arrogant yet mediocre players. The turmoil of the concoction John Terry cooks will not spare them.

 Germany, by contrast, have a younger squad. The team is talented and committed. With captain Michael Ballack out injured, they came in with positivity. These guys beat Ghana, people.

The tactically superior Germans have scored 5 goals and conceded only one. They can score more than once in a match. They work as a unit without looking to any “Pele”. The fight for each other and are more disciplined and united.

Basically, England are playing away from their home, Rustenburg. They will not bear the thought of going to meet Argentina in the quarter finals. Maradona haunted them for life.

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