Brazil, Seductive Champions in Waiting.

   Champions In Waiting

I have the honour to disagree with the learned Arsene Wenger. He thinks Argentina will win the World Cup. Please Arsenal fans, tell him I said yes, it is true, but not this time.

It was nice having Chile. They provided some of the most entertaining games at the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. They were not as efficient and prolific to compliment their performance. Unfortunately, as we restore order in football, they have to leave.

They will succumb to Brazil’s volleyball player’s antics. Fabiano has provided referees with some theatrics they could not hide enjoying. After throwing the ball left to right and left again with his hands before scoring, the referee was so impressed that he asked for his autograph on the spot. Then people think we need video technology to decide controversy. Such referees will be denied their stage and it becomes a human rights issue. So forget the technology. 

I always thought we need fresh things and new order in World football. It has been kinda boring having the same names stamped with that lump of gold. I am a scholar of Brazilian football and love them dearly, but I wish they do not go far. Looking around and seeing the kind of football being played, Brazil will to beat Argentina on the 11th of July 2010.

Before then, Chile have to deal with the pace of the Brazilian attack. Lucio defends well and runs through midfield into attack. The problem with South Americans meeting each other is how the similarity of style can be a big yawn until the goal. An early goal will open up one of the matches of the World Cup.

Brazil are said to have less flair than they should, and that is exactly their strength. This is based on coach Dunga’s arrogant omission of Ronaldinho and Dunga’s defensive qualities during his playing days. In Gilberto, they win the ball in midfield and quickly dispatch it forward to the front running express of their Kaka, Robinho and Fabiano.

Not to disappoint a multitude of their followers, they should not play thinking of their fixture with the Dutch next week. The Chileans also need not come already subdued because they may get a hammering they have never seen.

Let me leave you to Brazil to caress your soul, but please tell me what you think the scores will be, but enjoy.


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