2010 FIFA WC Scandals Resurface.

Mexico are small fish. Cote D’ Voire are even smaller fish. England are big fish. Italy are big fish. IFAB will meet this July 2010. Ireland recently cheated by France and England just sent home by Germany have a single vote each out of 8. Will goal-line technology be voted into play? There is no guarantee that the issue will be on the agenda. Read-on.

Jorge Larrionda is a respected adult male from Uruguay. Off-hand, his name means nothing to lots of people. It is however a nightmare to Fabio Capello and Frank Lampard’s English team mates who are currently watching the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup on TV. He is the referee who did not see Lampard’s ‘no goal’. If it helps any one, he is being sent home by FIFA.

It is rather unfortunate that things had to turn that way for the English. It was not their fault. It is even a further shame that FIFA decides to send Jorge home for an incident that most of us had to see after video replays. The minimum that could have happened was his assistant having been well positioned. That is to say, the assistant referee was supposed to travel at the speed of the ball. He was expected to be slightly after the corner flag by the time the ball bounced, a position that would make it possible for him to judge the goal. He did not. So he was incompetent and that does not make it Jorge’s fault. FIFA are playing games.

Italian Roberto Rossetti was the other male entrusted with the Mexico – Argentina match. He is also going home. Mexico are a small fish and nobody really makes their case a big deal. This guy and his assistant is the most pair scandalous of all we have ever seen. The referee reacted either to the players’ protest or his own suspicions of an obvious case. Before the resumption of play, he rightful went on to consult his assistant. In that time, two things happened. The assistant referee gave a brief description of events and his own opinion. Then the video replays were on the screen for fans and players to see. These two guys went on to award a goal. Mexico and not England, should be crying foul. Roberto and his assistant alone, and not Jorge and his assistant, should be going home and possible face a 200 year ban from officiating.

The Ivory Coast – Brazil match referee went to Luis Fabiano of Brazil, after the striker literally caressed the ball numerous times in the 18 yard box, before beating the Ivory Coast goalkeeper. Most people saw Fabiano’s handballs after replays. The referee saw it first hand, ran to him to congratulate him, and tell him he had done a great job using his hands. TV audience saw that pat on the back. FIFA did not apologise or send the referee home.

These incidents will rival other World Cup refereeing scandals, like the English Geoff Hurst’s 1966 goal, again Argentinian Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ in Mexico ’86, Cameroon’s ‘defeat’ of England in Italia ’90, and more recently, France’s ‘victory’ over Ireland booking their ticket to South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup by the ‘Hand Of Henry’.

IFAB have contemplated extra referees, including 2 along the goal areas to operate behind the nets instead of video technology of gaol-line/area incidents. As a cover, FIFA added a 4th official who does not help the man in the centre in making any decisions whatsoever in crucial moments like these.

As the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup draws to a conclusion, one can only hope we have the worst of it. Italy benefited in one crazy decision to cheat farmers of New Zealand to draw 1-1 and they went home.


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