Think You Know FIFA Scandals? You Don’t.

There has been talk of NIKE curse, following the non-performance of Wayne Rooney, Franc Ribery, Christiano Ronaldo, Canavaro and the like. Nike is American and USA were eliminated.

FIFA have VISA as a business partner in this South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. The longer the big countries who are generally big spenders are here, the better for FIFA and of course South African tourism.

Portugal has a lot of spending fans but they are going home. USA were eliminated by Ghana. Their fans were the cash cows, so did the Italians, French and English. When Jorge disallowed the Lampard goal, he waved away millions of dollars worth of business, hence they sent him home. USA and the UK fans together accounted for $68.3m, or nearly 40 percent of the money spent in South Africa.

Visa claim that between 1 June  and 25 June 2010, the end of the group stages of the competition, international visitors used their Visa cards 1.3 million times, spending an equivalent of R 1.34 bn, and that’s big bucks. The bulk of the cash was in leisure spending like in accommodation, restaurants, retail, car rental and air travel. 

Mexicans spent $4.9m but were also axed in the second stage. Australia, which made up $8.8m of the total, exited during the group stage, compared to France’s $6.4m. To their relief, two big spenders in Brazil and Germany are still in there, accounting for $11.8m of the Visa-inked total.

South African neighbours Mozambique and Botswana and Canada are in the Visa top 10 list but are not competing in the South Africa FIFA World Cup.

Money talks.


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