2010 FIFA World Cup: So Far.

The South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup has only 8 games to go. 56 games have been played. The highlights for fans and media were the refereeing decisions.

The most interesting and intriguing development so far is the Nigerian government’s banning of football from international competition. This is meant to sort out the mess and the rot. In my view, 5/5. All African nations should be looking at that very seriously, or else, they must shape up now.

England have worse problems now than playing well in the World Cup. The Queen may do them the same favour and even cancel the Olympics. There is the opinion of Maradonising the English game. We all know that the only thing Diego has is his history, no technical or tactical know how for the legend. The nearest thing England has to Maradona is David Beckam.

David Beckam will need to get coaching qualification so as not to undermine the profession, but this is an ICU case. Fabio Capello had him in his armpit as a talisman. Those qualities are there. There is a long list of the “future of England” that include Milner, Ashley Young, Theo Walcott, Micah Richards and the like. They idolise this show-man guy. It will work while England sort out the mess.  

The elimination of France by South Africa, reigning world champions, Italy failing to pass the first round after drawing with New Zealand and losing to Slovenia and England’s record defeat in the World Cup, losing 1-4 to Germany and Ghana’s qualification into the quarters after beating USA were other big stories.

At this point, the best players in the world have not yet proved their worth. Kaka is still to score, so is Messi and the departed pair of Rooney and Ronaldo.

The FIFA technical committee consisting of coaches and instructors will be compiling a technical report of these games. I am not sure what issues they will pick up. The systems and formations will be under scrutiny. The general progress of the game will be evaluated.

What has been your personal take and observations thus far?


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