Brazil Bow Out To The Netherlands

Holland 2, Brazil 1.

The top ranked team in the FIFA order of packing, Brazil,  is out of the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. They were booted out by Holland. It was a cautious start by both teams. The Brazilians settled first and got an early goal from Robinho in the 10th minute. Robinho’s earlier attempt was adjudged to have been scored from an off-side position. 

Brazil, who had Kaka and Robinho looking on song, were in control for most of the first half, but could not convert their chances. It was going to be a Dutch night anyway as Arjen Robin and Snjieder ran rings around the Brazilian defence.   

The Dutch came into the second half all guns blazing. They got an equaliser through the hard-working Snjieder from long-range. Julio Cesar and Juan went for the same ball, which actually touched him deflecting into the net.

The Dutch were much in control hence forth, becoming more confident as the game went on, but Brazil were resolute in defending.  Snjieder came to haunt Brazil with a 67th header after a flick on by Kuyt, from a corner kick.

Fillipe Melo was red-carded for stamping on Arjen Robin after fouling him. The Dutch confidence grew by the minute as Robin and Snjieder ran rampant.

Brazil leave South Africa without much to show for it, taking away their spending fans with them.


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