Ghana 1 – 1 Uruguay; Ghana lose 2-4 On Penalties.

It was Uruguay all over Ghana in this thrilling quarter-final encounter. The South Americans took the game to the Africans from the very first minute, putting them on the defensive. Ghana were on the back foot being nervous and surviving scare after scare from Diego Forlan and Vorcer, but Kingson was superb in goals.

In this nail-biting encounter, Diego Forlan initially played behind the two striking partners, causing all sorts of problems for the Ghana defence and midfield. He toiled for 30 minutes before moving to the centre forward position. At that point, Ghana crept their way into the game, fans finding their voices to cheer a fast and slick passing team.

The Black Stars of Africa had a succession of opportunities to put away before Sully Muntari fired from about 35 metres out a hard and low drive to beat the day lights out of the Uruguay shot-stopper, with virtually about the last kick of the first half.

The second half started with Uruguay upping the stakes with a clean as a pin direct free-kick to draw 1-1. Suarez had Africans’ hearts in their mouths in the 63rd minute with a miss of the match after Forlan ran to a loose ball on the left, bringing in an early cross.

Kingson pulled off the save of the day, denying  Suarez in the 70th minute a sure goal, parrying the ball over bar for a corner. Both teams started to commit errors in judgement picking up wrong options when going forward, delaying the coming of the winning goal. 

The shape of the African team remained intact in extra-time, pressing in unison and retaining compactness under pressure. They were unlucky not to finish the South Americans earlier in extra-time but pushed relentlessly, Boateng almost finishing off a cross from the right.

Gyan made the African hearts break, when he missed a final minute penalty awarded when Uruguay defender handled the ball on the line and was sent off. 


Uruguay: 1 1 1 0 1

Ghana: 1 1 0 0


2 comments on “Ghana 1 – 1 Uruguay; Ghana lose 2-4 On Penalties.

  1. Hats off to Ghana!!!After surviving an early scare they settled down and started taking the ball to their more fancied opponents.I feel the coach should have had a different penalty taker for this game and we would be deep in celebrations!!

  2. It was such a Black Night for Africa when the Black Stars really should have shined. There was just too much pressure and adrenalin was overpowering. We can only say so near yet so far. Africa must take something out of the Ghana story and not go backwards like we did after a gallant Cameroon perfomance of 1990.

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