Quarter – Final Preview: Paraguay vs Spain.

I am a risk taker and I am happy about it. Paraguay will beat Spain. They must. I want them to. Spain cannot come in this South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, play nothing against Switzerland, Honduras and play only 10 minutes against Chile and expect to be my World Champions. Life cannot be that generous if fighters like Ghana are going home.I mean, really! NO, NEVER.

Paraguay have the potential to rise to the occasion. They must not rely on my support and sit on their bums thinking everything is ok. They need to track Xavi and Iniesta big time. They need to watch Villa’s runs behind the left back into the penalty area. They must fall into the Spanish trap of caressing the ball mindful, patiently luring them out of their defensive stunts. Brazil fell into one such trap yesterday. Well Brazil do not have a coach.

If I were Paraguay, I would not bother staying out of my penalty outside my penalty area. Paraguay must have a sea of red and wait for penalty kicks. They should not be enticed by the dangling carrot of a possible attacking opportunity. Spain are cunning. I wouldn’t trust them with anything.

I await for a Dutch and Paraguay final, or else, it should be Uruguay and the Spaniards, Uruguay running out as winners.

What is your dream final, given where we are now?


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