2010 FIFA World Cup And 2010 Witchcraft.

Cape Town is the 2010 World Cup WITCHCRAFT capital. Unfortunately, it hosting the semi-final match between Spain and Germany, last of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Matches in the beautiful Mother City.

It is reported that teams have been consulting a sangoma to influence results of the matches. A huge python has been taken by animal welfare inspectors. They found it underweight and dehydrated. The python used in this witchcraft practise is known as  ‘2010’.

I guess the last four teams used the snake, especially Spain and Uruguay, given that the South Americans cheated Ghana, and made super Gyan to miss that penalty. The Europeans did not play much football but they are in the semis.

This explains it. Don’t you think African teams should be using more of juju to drowse the opposition?


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