2010 FIFA World Cup: Holland, Uruguay, Spain And Germany.

Preamble: There is a scale we call TLOD. (Tse’s Law Of Distribution). Simply put, it states a predestined set of rules governing fate. All teams are equal, given an equal number of goals to score and concede by God. What you don’t use, you lose.

Holland: The Dutch hit the net 11 times in this 2010 FIFA World Cup. They have not drawn or lost a match. They beat the tournament’s weeping boys in Cameroon, Japan, Denmark and Slovakia, garnering enough momentum to thrash the favourites, Brazil. They concede 3 goals and kept a clean sheet thrice. They had relatively ran and worked hard but cannot be said to have sweat blood so far. 

Uruguay: The South American team, cheaters of the Black Stars of Ghana in the quarter-final, have put 7 regulation time goals past the goalkeepers. They had a further 4 penalty shoot-out goals. They conceded 2 regulation time goals and a further 2 in a shhot-out with Ghana. They beat Mexico and Korea Republic besides the Africans. They had 3 clean sheets like Germany. These guys worked extremely hard for their victories.

So Holland vs Uruguay: Technically gifted vs Hard work. Both have not lost a match. The admired against those favoured by fate. The FIFA World Cup outside Europe has been won by South Americans. 11 goals scored against 7,  

Spain: The Spaniards are the scorers of a humble 6 goals until now. They have not run or worked at all in the tournament. Thank God they conceded only twice against Chile and Switzerland, who gave them their first and only loss. They managed unconvincing 1-0 wins against Portugal and Paraguay. They had a scrappy 2-1 win over Chile and a 2-0 victory over a pedestrian Honduras. 

Germany: Germany has scored 13 goals and conceded only 2. They had 3 sets of 4 against Australia, England and Argentina. They got 1 aagainst Ghana. They lost a game to Serbia by an odd goal. They had clean sheets 3 times. They ran more than anybody else left in the tournament so far. They may have finished their 2010 FIFA World Cup allocation.

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