It’s Spain and The Netherlands In The Final.

2010 FIFA WC Semi-Final: Spain 1, Germany 0.

For the first time in the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, Spain were here to earn their money. Spain started very strong and solid, overpowering Germay in all departments. It was like an arm wrestling contest, the Maanshaft refusing to give in to Spanish pressure.

David Villa was put through by Pedro and the goalkeeper did well to shot the ensuring 1v1 effort. Germany tried hard to come out their defensive area with difficulty, only managing a few counter attack breaks. 

Germany were on a 1-4-4-1-1 shutting off the central corridor of the field and attacking with Klose in tandem with Ozil, while Spain relied in a 1-4-5-1 shape with David Villa the licensed assassin, probing left, right and centre relentlessly but firing blanks.

The Spaniards dominated possession for extended periods fo time, passing the ball around with conviction. They had more goal attempts at goal. Germany preferred to get into their F1 vehicles with the ball and speeding off, usually crushing on a Pique –Puyol wall. They had a genuine penalty shout in the dying seconds of the first half that the referee had no interest in.

Spain  started the 2nd half defending a little upfield, further away from their goalkeeper decelerating the Germay attack in its early developmental stages, and Klose found himself offside or isolated often. This also made them need less passes and less time and distance to travel before getting to the German goal afterwinning the ball.

Spain came in with the chance of the game in the 58th minute when Villa was fractionally late to fine cross by Iniesta, who has a terrific run into the box from the left waltzing past a few defenders.

Germany substitute Kroos drew a fine save from Spanish goalkeeper Cassilas in the 68th minute after an excellent cross into a prime target area.

Captain Charles Puyol of Barcelona, headed in a corner kick in the 72nd minute beating static Germany defence to a high ball in a prime scoring position. As Germany pushed forward for an equaliser, they left spaces at the back and substitute Fernando Torres screamed for a Pedro pass in a 2v1 situation, in what could have been a simple tap-in for the Liverpool forward.

Spain threatened to run riot at the dearth, but the Germany damage control was sufficient enough to limit the destruction, but as the script may have it, Germany surrendered and Spain are going to play Holland in the final.


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