Tickets Issue: What’s going on?

As the Uruguay vs Netherlands game kick-off approached, tickets for all categories were available. In my hunt the day before the match, there was only category one tickets for R4200-00 available. I had an offer from a bystander at a ticketing office, selling his for R3000-00, but I needed 3.

Today, the semi-final clash of Spain vs Germany in Durban, category 2 and 1 are said to be available. There were none yesterday. What is the deal here? Is FIFA trying to be scandalous or what? Can journalists please enlighten us.

There will be a few available tickets for the finals after the last semi-final. With Uruguay going to Port Elizabeth for the wooden spoon match, there may be not much openings for tickets. It may be a little bit better with either Spain or Germany being eliminated. Even then, their fans may prefer to watch a match they have tickets for, ie the final, than watch a dead rubber match of their team. Equally, there may be a few Spanish and Germany fans awaiting to snap whatever final tickets become available, if FIFA release them. You must have over R6200-00 ready for a ticket though.

Good luck.

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One comment on “Tickets Issue: What’s going on?

  1. This Wednesday of the semi-final between Spain and Germany in Durban, there is still category one tickets available. The tickets are also available for the 3rd/4th place match at Port Elizabeth on Saturday, but only category 1 and 3.

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