Plan B Twice And More.

South Africa is already patting itself on the back for a job well done. Why I like this, is that other countries are busy dealing with war, natural disasters, disease, poverty, political problems and self-righteousness to pay attention to the good work of others. There is none qualified enough to see and pay compliments than the hosts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa.

Sceptics have had their issues inside out and made so much noise. I do not want to enter into that now, only to mention that for FIFA to say South Africa is Plan B for any FIFA party is an “in your mouth” kind of message to Africa’s despisers. It has been always been Plan B from the day it was awarded the right to host this thing. As FIFA President Sepp Blatter always put it, “As South Africa will host the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Plan B is South Africa and Plan C will be South Africa.” He went further to say lately, that no European country has the same quality of stadia architecturally in the league of South African infrastructure, “none”, he repeated.

Anyway, I am tempted to sorry to the Germans for the loss to Spain. I will continue to support their motor industry nonetheless. I just wish they may save Paul, the Octopus. He just predicts and not cast spells. He predicted their losses and victories as well. If food is expensive back home, we can always have wild animal braai here in the veld. I hope “2010” the Cape python is not heading for the frying fan. I won’t be having a lot of take away fish, just in case.

I have been firing blanks, thanks to lessons from Rooney and Messi. At least I found a R19500-00 (USD3000-00) per person hospitality tickets. All I need is someone to pay for them and I will watch the historic World Cup final. It must be snappy because there were only 9 tickets left. These tickets entitle one to a 5 star luxury hospitality tent just outside the Stadium, parking  and a  Category 1 seat. You know the Cat 1 ticket is R6200-00 (USD900-00) right? Do you think my wife is crazy thinking  there is much to the remainder of the money to let a man go in there alone? Food, parking, drinks, then what for R13300-00/USD2100-00? Eish!

The nay sayers may want to say something about the 7oo p eoplewho missed the semis of Spain and Germany in Durban yesterday. As FIFA and LOC put it, tough luck. There was so much air traffic with celebrities and politicians flying into the King Shaka airport for planes to land and get people to the stadium on time. 352 flights will be a handful for anyone anywhere anytime. So sad, but let’s get there in time every time guys, please.

Hey guys, England are still in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. FIFA announced that Howard Webb of England is to referee final. There has been questions of Nelson Mandela attending the final. Please, please, and please, leave Madiba alone. Rather question my Spanish cousin who ran into the pitch, thankfully not naked, if he will be allowed another sprint of shame. He will be in court soon.

One football bit for your consumption. New Zealand and Holland remain the only unbeaten teams so far.They say Cape Town’s Green Point Stadium witnessed 22 goals while Soccer City had 20. We will sure see one or more on Sunday.


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