2010 FIFA World Cup: Before The Final

Johannesburg's Carlton Centre

There has been a sudden increase for backers of The Netherlands beating Spain in the World Cup Final, which is directly related to males applying for the Dutch citizenship recently. Holland guys get a free oral porn gift with a Dutch victory tomorrow. That will be a very long que and, while it is a noble gesture, more can be done about it though. OK, football.

Usually nobody remembers who came second, worse 3rd or 4th. For example, did you know Czechoslovakia played the FIFA World Cup final twice? It was in 1934 and 1962 losing to Italy and Brazil respectively.

Hungary, in 1938 and 1954 lost the FIFA World Cup to Italy and West Germany respectively. Sweden got there in 1958 against Brazil losing in a the finals they hosted.

One more sleep, the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup curtain comes down with Spain dating Holland in Jozi, but today, before final, there is 3rd/4th match – Uruguay vs Germany in Port Elizabeth. While it may be second-rate in competitive terms, it is a quarter a loaf. In Africa, it is better than nothing, it may not be the same in South America or Europe. I expect a committed input from both teams with Uruguay beating Germany.

Uruguay will make the Germany machine operate under unfavourable conditions. The Europeans usually exhibit mental strength, but I am not sure they have overcome the disaster of missing the final. We will have to wait to see how much is left in them. The coach will be hard pressed to shape them for the future.

The South Americas, by contrast,  will be relaxed in fulfilling just another fixture. The result will not be their concern and that will work in their favour.


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