D-Day, Spain vs Holland. 2010 FIFA WC Final.

Giant Ball Man and Ball at Johannesburg Carlton Centre.


The South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup gets officially closed at about 23:00 hrs Central Africa Time. Spain and Holland will play off to see who is inferior in footballing terms, and thank God, we don’t need to remember the worst one.    By now you must be as tired about Paul the Octopus as I am. You are surely aware of the Spanish business people and the Dutch porn star.  The Spanish are tabling EUR 30 000,00 for Paul the Octopus. The Dutch actor of sin movies offers her professional services to her Twitter followers in the event of a Dutch victory. 

I usually try to make a point of my bad writing skills with a simple excuse that I am not a journalist. I will not be one. I don’t want to be one. So let’s get technical.

 These two teams bring nothing much to the think tanks of the game. It will be entertainment value for people of various opinions, (POVO), period. The coaches are likely to give their shortest, least animated and most friendly team talks of their lives today. Basically, the message is, everyone in the world is watching. (They have no clue my wife doesn’t care at all). They will be asking the players to relax and enjoy, expressing themselves within a team frame-work. That is it.

 Coaches are likely to ask players to play as they have always done to reach this far. They will then wait for half time to come up with a strategy after observing those who are overwhelmed by the occasion, theirs or the opposition. That is what these guys are paid for. Coaches are there to help players solve their own problems on the pitch. They need to have a special eye to identify the problems as the match goes on.

 You have to forgive me for not understanding the effect and role of the calamari source mollusc, Paul. Well, it’s all about faith. I believe in the maker of octopuses, not the product; the octopus. The way the teams have reached the World Cup final, I would not back either of them to win anything. If I was FIFA, I was going to cancel the match and give both of them the trophy, and then ask Brazil to play Japan, Argentina against South Africa or better still, Ghana and Korea DPR to fulfil today’s fixture. This gives us the opportunity to study football, checking technique levels versus psychological effects and so on.

 Anyway, being in my position, and with the upsets we have seen thus far, I can not say Holland will win because they won all their games until now, or that Spain passes the ball well therefore they will hide the ball away from the Dutch for 93 minutes. Football does not have ‘therefores’. Such things did not count in a lot of matches. It will not depend on anything anyone has seen. It is a new game today. Only for the sake of PAUL the octopus, I will predict that Holland will win this 2010 FIFA World Cup.


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