Kick-Out ZANE OR 4 BEER!

Highlanders FC (Bosso) vs Jomo Cosmos FC: 25 July 2010 in Johannesburg.

People of the World, let’s KICK OUT XENOPHOBIA now. Do not be used to kill your children. Refuse to kill your parents. Stop killing your brothers and sisters. There may be someone paying you money for crime. They will do the time. Africa is one nation. We are family and let us all unite and stand against hate, violence and evil.

The rumours of Xenophobia after the World Cup ends have been abound. Southern African Women of Immigration Affairs are in a KICK-OUT XENOPHOBIA campaign. The most immigrants that would be affected by xenophobia come from Zimbabwe, then Mozambique, Zambia and then going up north to Nigeria across to Ethiopia. Therefore football match between Zimbabwe’s most popular football team Highlanders FC Bosso and South Africa’s Jomo Cosmos FC Ezenkosi has been lined up as advertised above.

Jomo Cosmos belong to South Africa’s most decorated footballer and former South African coach who has produced more national team and export material than any other South African team or coach. He is a respected man of the game and noble man in society. South Africans must take a leaf from Mjomane, as he is affectionately known, in dealing with their own flesh and blood who live or lived across imaginary lines politicians call ‘borders’.

I personally appeal for South Africans and Zimbabweans to embrace each other on their way to the match and send a message of peace and love. You guys far away from South Africa can get in touch with SAWIMA Offices as you can see their Cellphone/Mobile/GSM numbers on the flier above, and offer help in any form possible. Talk to Joice Dube or any of the organisers.This has ceased to be an African concern. Let us pull together on this one.

I wish to know where you are, what you see, what you are doing to help the your fellow brothers and sisters. I will personally donate a single Highlanders FC vs Jomo Cosmos match ticket daily till the match day for the one best response we get on the blog on every different article that will be posted. You can send in your own stories, articles, photos and videos. I will post all of them on the blog for all readers to see and read. We need things that will encourage each one of us to live peacefully and in harmony.

To all African brothers and sisters of Africa, well done for hosting the Mega South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup remembering our oneness and spirit of UBUNTU. To all else who came to South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, thank you very much for being part of history and success of Africa. We hope you come back.


2 comments on “Kick-Out ZANE OR 4 BEER!

    • The Match takes place on the 25th of July 2010 at Johannesburg Stadium. There was a possibilty of playing the game elsewhere, but the organisers will inform us if that is the case. You know I have no drop of journalism in my fibre and you being a Guru in that, I hope to see a lot of your contribution in here, Clemence. Please bring in your expertise along.

      What is your take on the Xenophobia issue?

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