The KICK-OUT Xenophobia Campaign: Your Story.

Can I suspect the anti-government sects and some international trouble makers wish to see a destabilised society as the host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup take stock of the most beautiful event ever was successfully hosted by Africa (to be politically correct or polite)?

South Africa has its shortfalls and tensions in politics and society in general, but is a place of high tolerance. It is a society that will always find excuses to party.

It would be naive though, that we will not fall to bribes to kill each other. While we can not stop those who dangle the carrots, let us eat the carrots finish and klaar. Xenophobia is and will never be the way. The best we can do is to help and protect each other. If you are a visitor, respect your hosts.

I am currently in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. I have not seen or heard anything to suggest that now or later we will have attacks. Tell us where you are, what you see and what you think can be done.

 Let us now join hands and drive the message of love home. Come to the Johannesburg Stadium on the 25th of July 2010 to support the campaign. There will be a match to watch; Highlanders FC from Zimbabwe and Jomo Cosmos FC of South Africa. Tickets are a token R20-00 for the game and extra entertainment.

Remember, this is not a Zimbabwean issue or event. It is an African thing. Wozani maAfrica amahle. Come all Africans.


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