2010 FIFA World Cup Players Awards. Deserved?

Forlan: A reward for Uruguayan football

King Diego Forlan: (Pic by Getty Images.)

The South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup Player Awards have been awarded to players in interesting distribution. FIFA awards four honours.

20-year-old Germany striker scooped the Golden Boot award for top scoring. Meuller, beat David Villa of Spain, Uruguayan Diego Forlan and Wesley Sniejder of Holland to the crown, given that he played less time and had more assists than the others on the list

Meuller actually shot 4 times and scored 4 times before his last goal at this World Cup. That is deadly accuracy and he is surely one for the future. It was well deserved to an efficient young assassin.

I am not sure he deserved a Young Player of the Tournament that he also won. It will always be hard to judge in such cases but I really think that a striker that has such few attempts at goal could earn double accolades at such a big stage.

FIFA hit a Bull’s Eye with Diego Forlan on the Golden Ball. It was well deserved to a hard worker, excellent and influencial and disciplined leader. Forlan is a great player indeed. He captivated every one with his simple but cunning wisdom and technique on and off the ball. What a mature player!

Spanish Goalkeeper and Captain, Real Madrid’s Ike Cassillas was named the Golden Gloves. He conceded only 2 goals in 7 World Cup games. He kept Spain in it when they were still sleep walking in this tournament. Being the skipper and goalkeeper and conceding few goals is a sign of great leadership and organisation.

It is a pity there was not much for Africa, except for the Golden Host award that I give to South Africa. Mzansi, siyakuhalalisela. Do you think these players deserved the Awards?


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