Highlanders FC Bosso Broke.

Owing $200 000,00 is nothing if the denomination is a Zimbabwe dollar, which is now locally a foreign currency. Once the pride of national football in Zimbabwe, providing the backbone of the country’s greatest ever football national team, dubbed Dream Team in the early 1990 under Reinhard Fabisch, Highlanders Football Club is broke, broke, broke.

Many will remember the team of Mercedes Rambo Sibanda, Madinda Khathazile Ndlovu, Willard Mashinkila Khumalo, Rahman Gumbo, Benjamin Mackanaky Nkonjera, Adam andPeter Bulawayo Bullet Ndlovu. All these players were engaged by foreign teams at one point or another. They formed a strong national team with team-mate Alex Zanda Maseko, Bruce Jungleman Grobelaar, Henry Bully McKop, Agent Sawu, Ephraim Rock of Gibralter Chawanda, Francis Sandura Shonhayi and Norman Mapeza.

They called it the team of the nation, Bosso or Tshilamoya (Boss or Heartbreaker because they broke so many opposing teams’ fans’ hearts) but now, the team is as ordinary as a school team. Worse, the team’s loyal fans are fewer than they thought. They have pledged to contribute USD5,00 per month, hoping the true ‘Black And White’ blooded ones will honour their pledge while the fake fans will keep barking from a distance.

It is also reported the current football season in Zimbabwe that started at the beginning of the year may extend to May 2011. It means extended budgets and the need for more players as the current crop will suffer fatigue and will suffer injuries. The country may decide to have play-offs to decide who will play Africa Champions League. It just gets worse.  

It is hoped true and loyal sons of the team will come forth and be counted. It does take a scientist to see that the team will appreciate any form of sponsorship to take it forward financially. As a community team, they will always be wary not to be hijacked by the people loaded with money but at this time, it is hard to say how beggars can be choosers. Get in touch with those in the know and donate or sponsor with a few millions per annum and bring smiles to the legion of team lovers. At least foot the team salary bill.

The team, Highlanders FC Bosso, is meant to travel to South Africa in 2 weeks for a KICK-OUT XENOPHOBIA CAMPAIGN match against Jomo Cosmos. We hope the match raises awareness and team profile. International sponsors need to come forth and assist the team that produced a ‘Flying Elephant’ in Peter Ndlovu who played for Coventry City, Sheffield Wednesday and Birmingham City. This blog asked fans to contribute Xenophobic stories, articles,photos or messages of peace for a free ticket to watch that match.


9 comments on “Highlanders FC Bosso Broke.

  1. k, i clearly understand wat u say Ndex.but hw will we contribute 2 our darling team, meaning we r far frm home,who will monitor our funds?
    Lastly bt not least we nid viable fans association in south africa n we nid 2 monitor our funds n target our goals.

    • Owen, I am encouraged just by your interest and hope it rubs off to others. Many just want to talk, criticise and complain. I am not certain about structures available in South Africa but I think there is. I will find out very soon and let you know.

      Highlanders FC has strict structural policies guarded by the constitution. You may get a few guys with whom you can collect funds and hand-over the funds to the team. I suggest whatever you have, with the people available around you, source the funds and let find a way of getting the money there.

      This is a very serious case.

    • Come forward and be counted. Get all the people around and get the money to the boys. It is a crisis. We never heard this and we must make sure all people do what they can. Thanks for the love and passion for the team.

  2. bra, i thnk we also nid 2 use our fmr playerz who hv resigned and also those who r currently playing 2 join us in campaigning.
    Which ever way i’m available 4 any help. u may send me msgs via facebook inbox.

    • We surely must try 2 mobilise each other and all stake holders. Also get as many people to know and join whatever structures are available. For your passion of the team, I will be looking to get you a ticket to the Bosso vs Cosmos match.

  3. Its a touching story especially fo a team l used to worship when l was at home back then. Am not rich but l pledge to drop a penny as soon as there is a place where l can drop it. Any account yet? BOSSO will live to see tommorrow!

    • Mehluli, I am glad you are that passionate. There are a few guys who are trying to help the Team. I know the team has tight guidelines when it comes to operational logistics. I informally asked the management how assistance can be made to reach them. They are yet to come back to me.

      You can to ask Muzi Hadebe about the arrangements of “FOR THE LOVE AND WORTHY CAUSE OF IBOSSO” who are on Facebook. There may be other channels available. I will let you know as soon as I have anything official. Ingabulawa bafowethu.

  4. Wuld lyk to be with u nje mnyama, eyihlala ehlathini, eyayizondwa ngubaba lomama, kodwa yona kwangabi ndaba zalutho ngoba yakho eyaydume ngakho. Bayethe mahlolanyama, u are here to stay. yithi abantu bakhona.

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