Manchester City Up and Man U Down

The world football is abuzz with stories that are not really, news, but that’s the news. French Thiery Henry is reported to be on a money spinning move to US’s New York Red Bulls. While the Major Soccer League of USA needs high-profile names to grow bigger, they should be looking at present hot buns like Diego Forlan. We all have been watching the World Cup and he is on everyone’s lips. Suarez would even be a better bet.

A claim by David Beckam is that he won’t manage England. He doesn’t harbour ambitions. This guy, due to his high-profile and social standing can be regarded as a politician. Who can believe him?

Diego Maradona’s blankness in coaching are probably why Beckam is dissociating himself from a managerial role for England. Argentina are however not yet satisfied with his inability and want him to prove himself more by offering him another contract till 2014. Failure pays big time. After all I know how success does not guarantee success.

Harry Rednapp and Pep Guardiola have new contracts with Tottenham Hotspurs and Barcelona respectively. Harry will be at his present position for two more seasons. He is a progressive visionary that I think knows and gets what he wants. He has philosophies of a true football revolutionary. Pep signed one more season and is actually likely to have one more successful year with this crop of players. Barcelona, like Chelsea, are unlikely to last two more season at their level of performance.

Pitso Mosimane deputised high earning Carlos Alberto Parreira as Bafana Bafana coach with the intension to take over from the Brazilian after the World Cup. After the tournament, people had time to waste thinking who will take over Bafana. SAFA played fool as well, pretending to wonder and setting up committees to set up committees that would get a technical committee to appoint another assessment committee that would get an interview committee and give recommendation to SAFA. Now they tell the world what is left is contract details. Morons.

No one doubts Manchester City has money. That is why David Silva is signing for a 24 million pound deal from Valencia. Craig Bellamy earned enough that he is leaving the cash printers. Whatever goes on in Manchester, as it were in some internet pages, does it warranty City to be on top of log and Manchester United at the bottom, weeks before the league kick-off? That one is for you Sir Alex to answer.


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