Technical Down Side Of The World Cup.

The World football shot itself on the foot when it was supposed to have advertised itself as a global number one sport. Refereeing was culprit number one, not that I want to criticise them. It was FIFA’s baby. The worst victims to that were hosts South Africa, USA, England and Ghana. I will spare you the details.

There is one concept that all world administrators seem to be blind to. I do not want to think that it is an attribute of theirs to be stupid. Playing football and coaching is not the same. It will not be. Ex-players coaching without qualification is not on. Brazil, of all nations started the ball rolling appointing Dunga. The results of that stupidity speak for themselves.

Argentina broke the moron scale a million times by giving Diego Maradona. That kind of coach usually gets something out of players who want to appease him so he gives less work. Nothing technical. With the talent of that magnitude, they should have reached the semi-final. Diego drew a blank when he really needed to stand up and be counted. I think he should sue the Argentina Football Association for exposing his lunacy.

Foreign coaches for African teams is one thing that should be ended right now. These guys bring in valuable expertise in the game. CAF and Associations must ensure that these coaches from abroad come to give courses and leave. No technical advise and no coaching. We are capable of formulating our way out as per our needs, which we are well versed in. You can only imagine how much money left Africa with these expatriates over the last 4 years and for what? We are yet to see any result from these guys’ input. Africa must put on the table the same budget for the next four years and get local coaches and we compare results.

Most teams came to the World Cup very tense. They played not to lose. Italy, France, England and Spain started very negative. Smaller nations like Japan, the two Koreas, Ghana, Algeria, Uruguay and USA pushed the boundaries and were rewarded with performances that we will talk about for a long time.  They attacked relentlessly and were entertaining as a result. It remains to be seen what a FIFA technical committee will have in their analysis in a few months to come.

Barbarism visited Africa in this World Cup, with excessive force applied by many in an effort to win at all cost. We saw raw brutality in the final of the World Cup when the Dutch chopped the Spanish artistes at will. The coach might have encouraged combative appetite from his players, but they surely overdid themselves. Finals are usually extremely tense and negative, but we will not see that senselessness anytime soon.

Those who think know, are saying the standards were low and there were fewer goals scored as a result. The few goals show how not easy the matches were, how much up smaller teams had moved from previous events. The game is revolving and further studies will surely be carried out and tactics are likely to change more in Brazil 2014.

As far as formations are concerned, teams came out with restrictive 1-4-2-3-1 or its several variants like the 1-4-1-4-1. This is a little negative and I hope this dies a natural death. It will not come easy with the loads of money going into the game. No one wants to lose and this will be one sure thing to propagate that negativity. It is the lucky teams that will be scoring goals, and they will need 3 or 4 Diego Forlans and a Suarez.

What was your worst moment in South Africa 2010?


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