FIFA To Change Rules?

Football needs an overhaul from top to bottom. FIFA must be restructured and be more democratic. Confederations must also be more transparent and more accountable. A lot of undeserving African teams get to tournaments and World Cups because of the dirty relationship top bodies cultivate with corrupt nations. I don’t mean to be political. We close that one.

The game has seen more anti-football tactics lately and a lot of football experts like French Arsene Wenger of Arsenal and Dutch all-time great Johan Cryuff have expressed their disgust at the attitude. I somehow expect the appalling shows to be with us a while as the game’s playing field is getting smaller as teams squeeze in to defend and close down each other while on the other end being wary of offside. Without much intelligence or fancy footwork kicking butt seems an option.

FIFA and the IFAB should vote to change Laws Of The Game, Law11 in particular, the offside rule. They must advocate for no offside outside the penalty area along the length of the box, or in total. This opens up space on the field and cause talented players with flair to express themselves with reduced risk of being chopped with every contact with the ball.

FIFA also must be reasonable. They have maximum pitch sizes at 120 metres by 90 metres and but then go on to reduce that to 110 x 75  metres maximum for international matches. This is very senseless. We need more space to play better, especially at international and World Cup levels. It must be understood that the more space is available to occupy, the more free-flowing the game will be, hence more freedom to attack and of course more goals.

The rule must stipulate the punishment for defenders who go to camp in front of their goal. This will make it harder to defend. With more space to attack and the ‘hard to defend’ conditions, there will be more for fans to cheer about. We will see more action swinging from one goal area to the other.

FIFA can go on to add 4 assistants as they always threaten, so there is less head ache for referees. IFAB have no choice but to approve the goal-line video technology. Ireland and England will surely remember the French goal with a Henry Hand in a game that made them miss a trip to South Africa, and a Lampard non-goal that could have changed things for the better when they lost to Germany in the World Cup last 16 match, when they both vote on this one during the IFAB meeting a few weeks from now. I am assuming they will be having their thinking caps on.

If you were FIFA, what would you make better for the good of the game?


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